Fruity Inhaler sticks

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Fruity inhaler sticks – various essential oils and colours available

Fruity essential oils in a nasal inhaler. Inhale an uplifting / calming, fruity scent whenever you need.

Perfect for use in yoga and meditation or just as a day to day well being tool.

Each pack contains one inhaler stick and one 2ml bottle of essential oil (2ml)

The aromatherapy inhaler sticks are small and compact enough to carry in your pocket or handbag.

Each stick is comprised of a small glass vial and a cotton inner, encased in a metal cylinder. This makes them safe to carry and use on the go. No breakages or spillages.

Simply remove the lid and inhale deeply

Can last up to 6 months if sealed correctly

These fruity inhaler sticks can be reused and topped up with essential oils when the scent has faded. You will be provided with 2ml of the essential oil of your choice.

When you need to top up your inhaler, simply unscrew the lid, remove the cotton inner and drop between 10 – 20 drops of your essential oil onto the cotton inner. Without touching the slide the inner back into the glass vial and reassemble the cylinder.

Recyclable metal and glass container

Stylish environmentally friendly containers.

Packaged in handmade gift boxes

Colours: Choose from purple, blue, black, silver, green, pink and yellow

Essential oils: Choose from lime, may chang, lemon, bergamot, clementine, petitgrain, sweet orange or bitter orange

CAUTION: Avoid neat essential oils on the skin. If some oil comes into contact with the skin, rinse skin immediately.

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Purple, Blue, Black, Silver, Green, Pink, Yellow

Essential oil

Lime, May Chang, Lemon, Bergamot, Clementine, Petitgrain, Bitter Orange, Sweet Orange


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